principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation
and professional relationship management

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the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation and professional relationship management.


Based on Negotiation at Harvard School Sylabs

by: Ali Khooyeh & Fahimeh Ahmadi

University lecturers, authors and translators specialized reference books on management, marketing, sales, advertising, communications
Provided more than 5,000 hours of practical training in various companies and prestigious brands
Member of national and international TV and radio programs, some experts


سرفصل های دوره:

تکنیک های مذاکره با افراد

Techniques for negotiating with People
Negotiating in English
Marine talks with international clients
International letter-writing and negotiation skills
International Body Language
Different kinds of negotiation and the negotiators
Professional negotiation process
Features professional international negotiators
Traps and tricks to deceive the international negotiators
International career began negotiating techniques
Meeting Professionals International
International contract management techniques
Persuasion techniques and methods in the field of international
Bargaining approach International professionals bargaining techniques
the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation and professional relationship management

Negotiators negotiate difficult situations and nightmares


Introduction to Negotiation

Nature of Negotiation

Efficiency of Negotiators

II. Distributive Negotiations

III. Integrative Negotiation – The Harvard Method

IV. Dealing with Obstacles and Complicating Factors


Nonverbal Communication and Lie Detection

Rationality and Cognition

Cross-cultural Negotiation

Multiparty Negotiation

مذاکره به زبان انگلیسی

فنون مذاکره با مشتریان بین المللی

فنون نامه نگاری و مذاکره بین المللی

زبان بدن بین المللی

انواع مذاکره و نقش های مذاکره کنندگان

فرایند مذاکره حرفه ای

ویژگی های مذاکره کنندگان حرفه ای بین المللی

دام ها فریب ها و حیله های  مذاکره کنندگان بین المللی

تکنیک های حرفه ای شروع مذاکره بین المللی

جلسات حرفه ای بین المللی

تکنیک های مدیریت قراردادهای بین المللی

تکنیک ها و روش های متقاعد سازی در عرصه بین الملل

روش های چانه زنی بین المللی تکنیک های چانه زنی حرفه ای

مدیریت مذاکرات بین المللی

استراتژی ها و تاکتیک های مذاکره و مدیریت ارتباطات حرفه ای

مذاکره در شرایط سخت و کابوس های مذاکره کنندگان



WHAT THIS CLASS CAN DO FOR YOU.  It will help develop your skills and sharpen your performance as a negotiator.  You will learn techniques, processes, strategies, and what generally constitutes effective negotiation behavior.  If open to the possibility, it will also reveal to you a good deal about you as a negotiator.  This self-knowing is important because you (your history, personality, character, attitudes, psyche, and values) are fully in play whenever you negotiate.  Change and growth happen in this course.  You may discover new ways of thinking and behaving that previously you did not think possible.  You will also learn about the perspectives, motives, and behavior of other negotiators

You will examine a sampling of inter-disciplinary body of research and analysis that is negotiation science, get experience through practice, subject that practice to internal and outside criticism, and reflect on what you have learned.   Theory. Practice. Feedback. Reflection. Again and again. And again.  And yet again. That's the semester in a nutshell


This course will develop your understanding of the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation and professional relationship management. You will also increase awareness and understanding of ethical principles and stakeholder considerations that influence the choices offered and made in transactions and relationships.

You will learn to identify and assess the variables in negotiations, develop sound negotiation planning techniques, develop an understanding of various strategies and tactics to use as you ethically resolve conflicts, transactional and interpersonal differences. Learn how to use that knowledge to execute effective dispute resolutions, and improved competence to manage professional relationships.

The course methodology is highly participative and utilizes class discussion, assigned readings, and simulations in one-on-one, fishbowl, and group situations. Tools for effectively planning for negotiations are reviewed and implemented. Students will work with other class members, in and outside of class, to plan group negotiations.

Students will be able to…

Assess the impact of factors including: specific issues in question, different stakeholder positions, interests, relationships, timing, environment, and group dynamics.

Use an integrated process for strategically planning for, conducting, and debriefing individual and group negotiations.

Develop and execute effective strategies and tactics for different situations that commonly arise in interpersonal and transactional negotiations.

Employ communication, problem solving, and influence techniques appropriate to a given situation.

Identify the differences between distributive and integrative situations and develop appropriate resolution strategies.